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1. What guarantee does your equipment have?

Our equipment has a 2-year warranty for components and operational failures that will not be attributable to improper handling by operators or external causes [Including spills of liquids and / or other substances that may affect the operation of equipment] Warranty applies only to the place of manufacture.

2. What voltages do they handle? 110V 50 Hz or 220V 60 Hz?

We can manufacture our equipment according to the voltages of the country where they are going to operate. Also if the client wishes we can include the option of being able to handle both voltages 110 and 220V. Depending on the equipment requirements this can be 1, 2 or 3 phases.

3. What technical support do you offer?

CORE offers 24/7 technical support to its clients worldwide through the internet at info@core.com.co, and at the telephone numbers +571 7561271 and +571 7561272. There is also the possibility of remote access to the equipment via the Internet to problem solving. Additionally, we offer training to our clients at an additional cost.

4. How do the equipment ship?

Depending on the volume and weight of the equipment, the vast majority of the equipment is shipped by air cargo. Except for very heavy equipment that can be shipped by sea if the cost is an important factor for the customer. All the offices that are carried out have insurance that covers the value of each equipment.

5. Do you have availability of spare parts for the equipment?

CORE maintains an appropriate stock of spare parts for the number of equipment manufactured, which can be delivered to our customers at the time they are needed. These spare parts have an additional cost.

6. In case you need to repair equipment that alternatives offer?

CORE within its technical support will try to solve the problems presented by the equipment; In case of requiring repair there are two alternatives:

1. Assistance by a specialized technician in the operation site of the equipment. In this case, the spare parts will be assumed by Gincor [If it is equipment failure] and a daily cost per technician will be charged plus travel expenses such as tickets and accommodation.

2. The customer sends the equipment to the factory to be repaired. In this case, Gincor will assume the costs of shipping the equipment if they are manufacturing faults; In case of failure due to misuse of the equipment or poor storage or operation, the expenses will be borne by the customer.